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Busy, busy I have a new business.

I have been very busy and I promise once I get used to my new business I will be posting more.  I need to build my web site for my business as well as build my business.  It’s a local to Dallas Texas only business for now.

  Auntie Janette’s Teas and Treats is the name.  I make small batch hand blended organic loose leaf teas and Paleo friendly treats.  Speaking of business, time for bed so I can deliver my first batch of Paleo treats.  Here are some pictures to tempt y’all 😉

ImageMy tea

Narcotea to help you sleep.

ImagePaleo friendly scones.

ImageNewest recipe I’m working on Aztec Chocolate chocolate chip scone.


Tea and scones anyone?


Night time and not sleeping.

We all have nights like that, where you just can’t get sleepy or fall asleep.  I have found a tea that I blend myself for my husband and myself.  My hubs jokingly calls it Auntie Janette’s Narcotea.  I will have to say it works very well and I am not going to give out the measurements.  But I will tell you what’s in it, mostly. ‘)   Catnip, spearmint, chamomile and a few other choice herbs.  It relaxes you and helps you get to sleep and stay a sleep.  Brew a cup and if you like add some local raw honey, or what ever sweetener you’d like.  If your little heart desires you may add Almond milk, coconut milk or raw dairy or even goats milk.  In the summer I cold brew it for my hubs and I.

ImageBodum single serving loose leaf tea brewing cup.

ImageTea and a touch of local Raw honey.

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