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My hunting and gathering, good deals 1/9/12

Let me start by saying, I cannot afford to buy grass fed meat, organic vegetables etc...

I am 50, unemployed (looking really hard) and disabled.  I have no income right this very second. I am trying very hard to change that! I am married and my dear husband makes a very small amount due to working as contract for a mom and pop computer store.   Now the nuts and bolts, so to speak.  We are trying to live on less than $1500 a month.  Lucky for us the only children we have are 2 dogs, 2 cats and one deranged bird named Spock.  She’s a parakeet.

All of our critters are foundlings.  The cats are 17 years old, the dogs are 14 and 5.  We had all of them when we were financially in better shape and before the doctors had a heyday with my right leg and made it quite difficult to do what I do best, retail and food management. So here we are today.

I am attempting to do a Paleo/ Primal life style so I can get healthier.  My husband ( I will refer to him from now on as DH, Darling Husband) wants to do Atkins.  He did really well with it before and they are easy to combine, for the most part.  I will be trying to do all of this on a meager budget since we do not get any kind of help.  I will be really hunting and gathering all the bargains I can get!

Today’s hunt was really lucky.  I got ten pounds of chicken leg quarters, a ten pound ham, a pork sirloin roast, frozen organic strawberries, frozen organic blueberries, goat milk cheese and organic raw milk sharp cheddar cheese all from one of my regular grocery stores.  I love to hunt for bargains at Aldi.  They do not give me any special deals.  They have no clue I am putting them in my blog.  My grocery total was $25.66.  The only thing not in the picture is the huge bag of chicken leg quarters.  When I figure out this whole blog thing I will add more than one picture at a time probably. So here is the picture.



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