Trying to get my health back. Keto is the life for me.


Hello, I am a fifty one year young woman who as of May 6th had a short change of course and I am doing Medifast. I had to do something to get this weight off and Paleo was not doing it. I know my body needs to heal first, but the truth is if I kept gaining weight I was either going to be having a heart attack, stroke or become diabetic.
I decided to help myself and get the weight off then transition back to the Paleo life style. I am now fighting to get my health back and quite frankly I have been feeling quite awesome. The Medifast diet is not something you follow for the rest of your life. It teaches you healthy habits and gives you a foundation to use and carry over to a healthy real foods diet.

On January 1, 2013 I had changed my life style to become Paleo/Primal. I fully intend to go back to ” Just eating real food.”
I am a newly wed, my husband and I were married October 20, 2012.
I am disabled due to a knee replacement that went really bad ( long story) We are trying to live on a very small budget with out any type of assistance. So my Hunting and gathering like the Cave men did, will be for the best bargains I can find. I will by regular food since I can’t get the Grass fed, organic and Raw dairy most highly recommended. I can’t save up for a half of a cow and I live in a little 816 square foot house in the middle of a big city, Dallas Texas.
I have no place to grow my own vegetables, but I am trying to. I haven’t got the space to raise chickens or have a cow, that said I am going to do the very best I can with the limitations I have.
Things haven’t always been so tight for us,but life has it twists and turns and God will see us through!
If you want to come here and say negative things about my recipes and shopping, feel free to voice your opinions, but there will be no self promotion, sales, bashing or trolling allowed.
I will post pictures, recipes, links and use this to vent about life and stumbling blocks, but I will try to keep this as positive as possible and I may not blog every day, I am still trying my hardest to get another job, even if it means re-training.
I have spent most of my working life in retail management and the food industry, but with my limitations now due to my leg, it is no longer an option ( I never took typing in school, I opted for the easy A and took Home economics, haha) So there you have it!!


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  1. congratulations for discovering and embracing Paleo. And for doing the best you can for your situation. That’s all any of us can and should do, and is still millions of times better than the way of the SAD. You have my heartfelt support from up north in Canada!

  2. Hi Janette, this is Jeff from Urban Acres Farmers Market. I was the one asking about the cauliflower recipe. I have found the blog and look forward to trying the recipes you post! All the best on you paleo journey!

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