Trying to get my health back. Keto is the life for me.

Just rolling along trying to stay focused.  I would have killed for one of the apples, pears or oranges I got in my co-op basket this week.

I got a share of a new produce co-op I found today and when I got the produce home I weighed it, then did a vinegar water bath.  Twenty five pounds of organic produce for fifty dollars.  Not bad, not bad at all.  Here’s what it looked like.

ImageThe only thing missing is the avocado’s.

ImageThis was taken after the vinegar and water wash and I took the tops off the carrots.

Now on to what I ate for the day.

Image2 fried eggs with Turmeric and my favorite smoothie with extra avocado and baby spinach.  That combination gets really thick!

Lunch was left over stir fry from day 5.

ImageGrass fed ground beef patty topped with avocado slices, steamed carrots with Kerry Gold butter. Yum!!  And I didn’t know how sweet carrots were until trying them on a sugar detox!  They tasted like candy to me, almost cloying!

I started taking Natural Calm today at bed time.  I also got a little hungry so I had a glass of raw milk warmed up a little and added 1 tsp vanilla and cinnamon.  I knocked out like a baby after that.  I think that was the most sound sleep I have had in ages.



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