Trying to get my health back. Keto is the life for me.

I have now been on Medifast for seven weeks.  I started this journey with Medifast weighing it at a grand total of, 250 pounds on my tall 5’10” frame.  I have lost a total of 30 pounds, that is an average of over 4 pounds a week.  The first week I lost six pounds.

Medifast is not a forever plan, once you either reach 20 to 15 pounds before your goal weight, or hit a plateau for over two weeks you transition.  Which my friends is where I have failed many times before.  I have over the course of my 50 almost 51 years tried many diets and have succeeded in the weight loss but failed in maintaining my losses.  The reason why, I get careless and I have some underlying medical issues and physical issues that keep me from exercising and keep my metabolism at a dead stand still.

My plan as long as we can afford it is to stay on Medifast until I hit goal, then do a correct transition to a Paleo life style.  I would be lying if I said I will never eat processed foods or “junk” again!  Lying to myself as well as you and well I am not going to do that.

Next Wednesday I turn 51 years young and I am going to let my husband take me to dinner with a few friends.  I will enjoy myself and the following day pick up right where I left off.  Will I feel guilty? Not a chance.  Will my scale let me know?  Of course it will.  The main thing is I will not dwell on it nor let it throw me off track for the week, month, year or anything else.

I have a new book and plan to get a few more nutrition based books.  I will be posting from time to time my recipes and other fellow Medifasters recipes as well.  I hope to help people along my journey and if ever you have any questions about Medifast I will answer them or send you to someone who can.



Comments on: "I have lost a bit of weight!" (2)

  1. I’m proud of you, CaveDweller! I have been on medifast for nearly three weeks. I only lose two pounds a week, but I am still very happy with that. Thanks for the recipes.

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