Trying to get my health back. Keto is the life for me.

Fourteen years ago.



Even though he won’t see it. Fourteen years ago I met the most wonderful person in the world.  When I first met him I thought to myself “Who is this cocky, arrogant as_h__?”. I could not stand him, or so I thought. We became best friends and one of my other best friends did her best to get this man and I together, but nothing seemed to work. It just wasn’t meant to be, at that time! Years of hanging out getting to know each other, becoming the best of buddies, helping each other out in bad times and celebrating good times and as God planned, we became roommates five years ago. I thank God every day for bringing that man I met into my world, because now I am the luckiest woman in the universe to have him as my husband! Who says you know when you meet your soul mate? I love you, Douglas Ray Bennett, with every piece of my heart and soul. I am proud to call you my husband and consider myself to be blessed beyond measure to have the kindest, most loving, caring and handsome man in the world to spend the rest of my life on earth and eternity in Gods kingdom with!!


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